Make a difference in the lives of individuals experiencing advanced illness. If you feel called to serve patients and families at the end of life, we invite you to join the staff of Catawba Regional Hospice.


  • Dedicated, caring staff
  • Focus on professional development
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Culture of excellence
  • Well-regarded community organization
  • A chance to make a difference

Our Mission

To provide world-class, compassionate care by engaging all individuals and their families to enhance living


Our Vision

Catawba Regional Hospice will lead the advancement of hospice and end-of-life care by:

  • Being the most valued and preferred resource to patients, families, and partners in the communities we serve.
  • Embracing innovation and continual learning to deliver world-class organizational and individual performance.

Our Values

Our guiding principles for the delivery of exceptional care to everyone who needs us wherever they live are:

creating a care experience that exceeds ever-changing expectations

caring for each other with mutual respect and support

giving consistently more than what is expected with integrity, trust, and accountability

honoring inclusive, culturally relevant care

inspiring beyond accepted standards

making a difference with dedicated staff and volunteers

Service Standards

I make patients and families my top priority.

I welcome your questions and do my best to anticipate your needs.

I am approachable, friendly, and sincere.

I make you feel important by treating you with respect and without judgment.

I listen to you with compassion and work hard to ensure understanding between us.

I am professional in my appearance, words, and actions.

I am knowledgeable and trustworthy while providing an experience that exceeds expectations.

I use technology and innovative thinking to create opportunities for improvement.