Catawba Regional Hospice Achieves SHARP Success

Catawba Regional Hospice has recently renewed its SHARP certification for a second time.

SHARP - the Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program - is affiliated with OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and acknowledged by the state of North Carolina. By achieving SHARP status, Catawba Regional Hospice places itself in an elite group of small businesses that maintain exemplary injury and illness prevention programs in the workplace.

The SHARP process features a variety of requirements, including a consultation visit to identify hazards, the involvement of employees, the correction of any noted hazards, an ongoing program to prevent illness and injury, maintenance of workplace incident rates below national averages, and keeping OSHA informed of changes to working conditions or of new practices that could involve hazards.

Among the benefits Catawba Regional Hospice realizes through SHARP certification are:
• Increased protection of staff from workplace hazards
• Strong culture of workplace safety and employee morale
• Status as an industry leader through reputation and recognition
• Cost savings via employee safety and retention

These same measures that guard CRH staff from potential dangers also provide patients and families an extra layer of protection and security, meaning they can be confident in CRH's overall attentiveness to the physical environment, processes and procedures, and employee observations and training. Such vigilance translates into exceptional patient care that families can appreciate and trust.

To learn more about the SHARP program, click here.