Catawba Regional Hospice's Foundation

At the heart of hospice is a culture of giving.  Anyone who has had a loved one served by hospice knows the reassurance and relief that end-of-life care provides and wants to ensure that similar comfort is given to others.

Catawba Regional Hospice’s foundation was built on this pattern of giving.  By transforming memorial gifts and donations into assistance for patients with limited means, the Foundation makes care accessible to anyone who needs it, regardless of income.


Our donors have consistently made it possible for Catawba Regional Hospice to serve patients that we couldn’t have otherwise helped.  They’ve made care possible, new facilities possible, specialized programs possible, and they’ve given because there is need.  We thank them from the bottom of our hearts, and we know that the recipients of their goodwill do as well.

As a donor, you can rest assured that your contribution will fund programs of impact and exceptional care.


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Circle of Life Society

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Patient Comfort Items

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An Organization to Believe In

As a 501(c)(3)-certified, nonprofit organization, our good business practices are available for your review in online resources. Search for us by our legal names: Palliative CareCenter & Hospice of Catawba Valley and Palliative Care & Hospice Foundation of Catawba Valley.

Catawba Regional Hospice's Foundation staff

Catawba Regional Hospice's Foundation staff

For more information about gift opportunities, contact the Foundation at 828.466.0466, or email