Palliative Medicine

At times, patients admitted to hospice improve to the point that they are no longer medically eligible for hospice care. When this happens, their illness is considered chronic, and curative treatments may be an option. Knowing that expert care is still needed, we direct them to Life Transitions. This palliative medicine practice is not associated with end-of-life care. Instead, it is coordinated with the patient's primary doctor to add an extra layer of ongoing, supportive care.

Life Transitions is especially useful in helping patients and caregivers understand disease progression and the goals of care. Treatments are individually tailored to each patient's particular circumstances and are intended to make day-to-day living more enjoyable.

Palliative medicine's goals are simple:

  • To give patients better quality of life by managing their symptoms
  • To help patients make important medical decisions
  • To decrease trips to the emergency room and cut down on hospitalizations

For more information about Life Transitions or to make a referral, call 828.464.9459.